About Us

This is us!·
2 years ago we decided as a family to grow this fun, yet kind of accidental business. It really all began with a growth chart that I made when we thought we would be moving. A move that Freddy and I knew was not a right move and God thankfully made that very known. I didn’t want to leave the marks on the wall we had been charting for our boys. Freddy assured me we would not be taking the wall with us so figure something out and that’s when my creative mind was on a mission and yet given a very important reason to have a new project! (I have ALWAYS loved having crafty projects from a little girl, while out on tour and still today) Once the growth chart ruler was made, friends and family were wanting one and I was very excited to make more. The growth charts then turned into painted mason jars, flower crates, and then I talked Freddy into making a few signs. Boy did neither one of us know what that would turn into to. Freddy travels A LOT and often comes home for about 24 hours and most of that time is spent making special orders. He is such a rock star and never complains, he just quickly builds what needs to be built. Thankfully he is very accurate, organized, FAST and has his systems in place. My Father in Law is amazing and brings us awesome pieces of wood, we then sand each and every piece we use, then he builds and I get the fun job of making it look good with paint and fun fonts. Our boys are even working often with us now. Cole is a pretty solid sander, and box cutting machine, Cyler and Connor are becoming base coating kings along with various other tasks that I just need help with. It is so fun that this is a family run business.
In November we made a scary and super tough decision for me to leave my teaching job and this has become my full time job! The past 10 years I have often been flying solo from Freddy’s tour schedule, being mom, running a household, teaching, and now a business.
We are praying that 2019 is the year for our tiny accidental business to grow by leaps and bounds. We set our goals for this year and wow can the Farmer boys really set some high goals for us to reach! I know that with God, a LOT of hard work, and your help we can achieve them. We are truly blessed and grateful for all the blessings God has created and also for each and every one of you! Without YOU sharing my posts, buying for you, holidays, gifts, and coming to us with your custom items we would not be where we are today.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continued support and love for making this possible! We are READY to work hard to create quality fun items for you!
Let’s do this 2019!
Brienne, Freddy, Cole, Connor & Cyler